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The Paragon (a.k.a. Dr. Dave) Trio

Grant Jones - guitar, Glenn Lambert - drums, Dave McCrea - bass

Grant JonesGrant Jones

Grant is a guitarist based in Winnipeg. He has performed in big bands, horn combos, trios and duos and has studied under some of Winnipeg’s best jazz musicians including Stefan Bauer and Marilyn Lerner. He played at the 2005 Winnipeg Jazz Festival with Jodie Borle and can be seen at many venues in the Winnipeg area including the Current Lounge at the Inn at the Forks and the McNally Robinson bookstore café. His full, rich tone and easy manner have prompted many listeners to nod, smile and say, “Waitress, where the hell is my beer…I ordered it 15 minutes ago!”

Glenn Lambert

Glenn LambertGlenn's love of music and people has encouraged him to remain a staple on the Winnipeg music scene for over thirty years. Initially a self taught drummer, first picking up his fathers drumsticks at age 12, he gigged extensively in Winnipeg before continuing his music career in Toronto and studying there with famed Motown drummer/clinician Peter Magadini. Another musical highlight at that time was playing with the renowned Johnny Winter at the Panasonic Tower in Niagara Falls. Prior to this, Glenn was a member, for many years, of the legendary Club Morocco House Band backing up many international acts. Glenn returned to hometown Winnipeg and his gig at Club Morocco to further his education and raise his family, gigging as well with the Stephan Bauer Quartet, Janice Finlay Group, and the Swing Cats.

Dave McCrea

Dave McCreaDave has been an active member of the Winnipeg music scene for many years playing in community, local and regional rock bands on the “A” circuit. A founding member of the Big Roll Band, Dave has performed at many clubs, weddings private and corporate functions. He is also an original member of Mike Chiappetta’s Eastwood Gang who perform weekly at the Pony Corral on Grant Ave. Dave’s influences range from the hard rock of the 60's, to the unsung heros of the Motown rhythm sections, to the giants of jazz. The Dr. Dave trio is his favourite gig - he never argues with the leader. Dave moonlights as a medical scientist and can often be seen on the streets of Ottawa washing the car windows of bureaucrats and begging to get a small research grant.